R.J. Scheffel Memorial Toy Project
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   Toy Makers for Disadvantaged and "In Crisis" Children

Our Motto: "People don't stop doing things because they get older;
They get older because they stop doing things."


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The Toys of Scheffel-Toys

A budding artist displaying her painted memory box at Child Life Dept. of Sparrow Hospital

Fun Toys for Children

We make many different kinds of wooden toys. Some are painted while some are left unpainted so that the children can enjoy giving their toy a special color. Some examples are pictured here.
To inquire about becoming a volunteer, send an email to

Does your organization have a wish list that Scheffel-Toys can help to fill? If so, send an email to toyrequests@scheffel-toys.org

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Fish (NEW)

Horses (NEW)


Turtles (NEW) 

Mini Dino

Large & Mini Dino (NEW) 


Card Holder 

Crayon Boat

Crayon Fire Trucks

Camper Truck


Doll Bed

Small Doll Cradle

Large Doll Cradle

Doll Rocking Chair

Doll Sling Chair


Dune Buggy

Fish Pull Toy

Flat Bed Truck

Heart Hangers


Ironing Board & Iron

Medium Sized Cars

Memory Box

Triangle Peg Game

Penny Hockey

Pickup Truck


Police Cars

Pull Wagon with 25 Blocks

Red Wagon

Road Grader

Rocking Horse



Sewing Machine

Small Cars

Step Stool

Stick Horse

Tick Tac Toe Game

Tool Boxes-Big & Mini (NEW)

Ball & String, Top & Sewing Block



Bag of 25 Blocks

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